Bhuvan Updates

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Updates from ISRO bhuvan 3d Bhuvan Services module is having three different services namely 1) NRSC Open EO Data Archive (NOEDA), 2) Thematic Services and 3) Disaster Management Information Support towards providing easy and intuitive access and downlaod of Open Earth Observation Data Products and services to the researchers , planners and administrators towards societal good. 1) NOEDA [] is updated with 2010 Kharif season (Oct, Nov, Dec) Resourcesat-1 Ortho products (56m) Geophysical Products (NDVI and Vegetation Fraction) of September 2012. Download limits increased from 10 to 20 tiles per day of each products. 2) Thematic Services [] is updated with Rapid assessment of national level landuse/landcover map on 1:250000 scale with an emphasis on the net sown area for different cropping seasons of the year 2011-12 3) Disaster Management and Information Support [] is updated with Analysis of NDVI and NDWI intra-seasonal variation along with time series visualisation of last 5 years (2008,2009,2010,2011,2012) Agricultural Drought datasets(NDVI, NDWI, SMI, SASI) press ctrl+d to book mark -


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