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Thursday, August 13, 2009

first let me tell you clearly that isro has not taken much care to bulid the primary viewing site before launch which was and was down due to web traffic for almost 36 hours, the new site is working and providing much information on bhuvan operation till the time of writing, which is
now afrer 2 days both sites are working seamlessly with the same content.they are now like mirror sites.

users have to register(mandatory) through the site before downloading the software plugin to access maps.also user needs to have direct x9 or higher (install).also u need to have (install)
click here to install bhuvan here

1)user have to download the above software close to 10 mb in size and install it in order to view map.
2)once u download and install, go to bhuvan site and log in.a new window will open up with the google earth like interface.
this software piece is called (TerraExplorer Viewer version 5.1.2.f15)actually a 3d mapping software and can be integrated for 3d mapping of terrain and has been developed by a us company called Skyline Software Systems .this software has been used as a platform to view bhuvan satellite imagery.

one down of bhuvan is its very network hungry atleast Network Speed: 768 Kbits/sec is expected to navigate properly, but alas in india we cant expect it everywhere when broadband speed beyond 256 kbps is confined mainly in urban areas.


Anonymous said...

is it 256 or more than 512 pls confirm

neel said...

at the launch time ISRO said to operate on 700kbps min internet speednow after 2 days they have changed to min 256 kbps line. i think its higher the better.

Anonymous said...

I saw people are far too excited about Bhuvan!!and this "Google Earth Killer"is proving to be a aweful thing.Google is not even backed by their government.they have shown the way and still there is no compitition to it.The idea of making it completely web based is absurd.Like google earth it should have an option of running it offline too.Use of kml or kmz files are revolutionary.ISRO could have taken the required time to fix and upgrade all these issues.As a professional anyone should have to stick to google earth as it is not mere earth viewing fun stuff.Organizaion like ISRO should have paid serious attention towards these issues.Its a big big blunder...

neel said...

dear reader i dont agree with you, its not a direct competitor on google because theres no commercialization of bhuvan.and more over its still on beta stage and shud undergo a long walk before the final rollout.
its true that ISRO cud have taken some time to finish the website before launch to avoid the blunder they did.

but i do believe bhuvan is more professional with its layer based info technology.more detailed and more helpful with time based data.its far more complicated than google earth.

obviously this kind of data inflow cant be made available off line,dts why its online with highspeed internet.

lets wait and see the complete indigenous next bhuvan version.

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