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Friday, August 14, 2009

the comparison is obvious as we see the launch of bhuvan portal.
here is the compare list as of today

1)Google Earth Zooms max upto 200 Mts. while Bhuvan's 5.8 mts.
2)Google - provides Single layer information. Bhuvan's multi layer.
3) Google: Image upgrade rate: Slow read 4years. Bhuvan: Frequent read 1-3 years.
4)google earth is fast and complete :bhuvan is not so fast and partially complete (only india in detail)in cases mapping of whole earth.
5)google is full of user generated spams,one can easily get fooled seeing India named and tagged next to Indiana.users and spammers can misuse the location by tagging a wrong name or wrong place in google maps.
bhuvan is completely edited and compiled by humans and most of all free from public generated errors since it doesn't allow anonymous to name or rename a place or use tag
6)possibly one best thumbs up to googlemap is google works on cross browser but bhuvan being in beta stage only works on internet explorer 5.5 or higher version.

i think the most impressive update is bhuvan's capability to show images clear and from a aerial distance of 5.8mts.that's amazing.neither google or wikimapia is providing such close resolution.

multi layer means bhuvan can see things under the soil layer and this can be used to unearth minerals,but still we are not sure if this facility would be helpful for common peoples or would be provided or not.

one down of bhuvan is its very network hungry at least Network Speed: 768 Kbits/sec is expected to navigate properly, but alas in india we cant expect it everywhere when broadband speed beyond 256 kbps is confined mainly in urban areas.


Anonymous said...

is it that first like google?i use 256 kbps connection..the street level or house level zoom is not happening at all. what others are seeing ?alaso picture blurs a lot

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