bhuvan sequrity analysed

Thursday, August 27, 2009

peoples have started to think bhuvan would endanger our country's security by exposing maps in detail and places in detail resolution but the fact is not so.all the places and map data has been thoroughly scrutinized and then uploaded to maximize security.

Bhuvan, which uses high-resolution images, will comply with India’s remote sensing data policy, which does not allow online mapping services to show sensitive locations such as military and nuclear installations. High-resolution images are those that show locations of 1 sq. m or less on earth.although bhuvan uses upto 6 mtrs of close resolution most military and sensitive places has been censored. unlike other satellite map services which allow anyone to check military places and even missile installations.most of the country's has not authorized google to use imagery on sensitive places and google has the policy to comply that.but few places are still there in certain country's to check certain military arsenals in open space.

indian military space has been excluded from the map of bhuvan so theres no point in thinking our military privacy is on threat from bhuvan because it provides high resolution satellite map data.

Unlike Google Earth, the Bhuvan application will not be downloadable and will not allow users to host content in the near future. that means any spy agency or people cant tag any military space even if they find something also to tag and offer  exposing that place globally.

if any militant organization wants to find and misuse information they can do it in many other means. they will not wait for a 10 mts resolution map data provided by bhuvan.they can buy it from many sources.

its better we forget the security issues which has been well handled by ISRO.


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but its still buggy and user unfrienmdly

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